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Becoming more diverse is one of Utrecht University's main goals for the future, which is why Janneke Plantenga has been appointed to the position of Diversity Dean. DUB spoke with her about her plans and the challenges ahead. Another wish expressed by the Executive Board is to establish a core curriculum. This proved to be a controversial plan. DUB helps you to form your opinion about it by presenting different perspectives on the topic. For a complete overview of our news and articles, visit
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‘It takes guts to talk about diversity’, says Diversity Dean Janneke Plantenga
How to turn UU into the diverse university it aims to be? That's the challenge taken up by Janneke Plantenga, the first person to occupy the newly created role of Diversity Dean. DUB spoke with her about her plans. Read more

After reading these nine misconceptions, you’ll be in favour of gender quotas
'If you look at the data, you just can't deny the need for gender quotas,' says Ingrid Weerts, former University Councillor and Master's student. 'Without proportional representation, we'll continue to produce biased research.'  Read more

'Being a campus columnist made me feel like the university was mine, too’
As DUB looks for a new campus columnist, Keerthi Sridharan and Francis van den Brink reflect on their experience writing about university life amidst a pandemic, lessons learned, and raising controversy. Read more

Coronavirus: more international graduates plan to leave the Netherlands
Fewer students from outside of Europe are planning on staying in the Netherlands to look for a job, according to a survey conducted by Nuffic, the Dutch Organisation for Internationalisation in Education. The unfolding economic crisis is to blame. Read more

Casa Confetti surrounded by police vehicles last Tuesday
Vehicles from the police, ambulance service, and specialized teams were around Casa Confetti in De Uithof last week, after receiving a call about a person who could potentially be a threat to themselves. Read more

Casa Confetti surrounded by police vehicles last Tuesday
Vehicles from the police, ambulance service, and specialized teams were around Casa Confetti in De Uithof last week, after receiving a call about a person who could potentially be a threat to themselves. Read more

The Nederlands Dans Theater (Dutch Dancing Theatre) is doing something new this fall: the performances will be live-streamed from the Zuiderstrandtheater in The Hague. DUB is giving away two tickets for Dare to Say. Send an e-mail to before Thursday, November 5, 15:00. The winners will receive a message on that same day.
Should students be obliged to turn on their camera?
"It’s like watching a comedy all by yourself without the laugh track.” That’s how Linguistics Professor Bert Le Bruyn describes online teaching to a group of invisible students. He and many teachers think that turning on the camera should be mandatory. Read more

Fewer athletes at Olympos, but it's not going under for the time being
These are hard times for sports centre Olympos and cultural centre Parnassos. The first lockdown was already a big blow for them, and now the measures are being tightened again. Will they survive? Read more

Photo diary: a day in the life of a UU professor during a pandemic
Sometimes pictures say a lot more than words. With a touch of humor, Ruud Schotting, Professor of Quantitative Water Management, shows what it looks like to teach on campus in Corona times.  Read more

More proctoring and possible testing on Saturdays due to ban on large exams
Scheduling exams is proving to be difficult following UU's decision to ban all physical exams with more than 100 students. This means students may have to take exams late in the evening or even on Saturdays. Read more

Executive Board: 'We are not going to rent cinemas and theaters'
UU students will not be taking exams in stadiums, theaters, or movie theaters. Although other universities are considering this option, the UU Board doesn't think it would be very efficient. Read more

DUB panel sceptical about core curriculum for all students
Should all UU Bachelor's students attend a set of common classes? Some believe a core curriculum would encourage different disciplines to work together, and make sure UU graduates are broadly-educated academics. The DUB panel is not so sure. Read more

Four reasons why a core curriculum is a good idea (hint: it would help us to fight the next pandemic)
Martijn van der Meer, from the UU Open Science Programme, disagrees with the DUB panel. He thinks a core curriculum is more necessary than ever. Read more

University Council approves Strategic Plan, but worries remain about implementation 
With the title Open outlook, open attitude, open science: improving the world sustainably together, the Strategic Plan 2020-2025 has been approved by the majority of the University Council. Three members of the Faculty of Humanities voted against it. Read more

UU flags at half-mast for free and safe education
The flags of Utrecht University were flown at half-mast this week in memory of Samuel Paty, the French teacher murdered for showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a class about free speech. Read more


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