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There seems to be a a sharp contrast between students on the one hand and teachers on the other hand. Students want more physical lectures and complain about the empty lecture halls. Teachers are reluctant to stand in front of the classroom, especially now that students are the main source of the corona virus. You can find articles about this in this newsletter. For a complete overview of our news and articles,
Hot news
To lobby or not for more ‘in-person’ education: students are in favour, teachers against
Universities called out that more education in the university buildings is needed, for the wellbeing of students and for the quality of education. But should we want a return to lecture halls now? We asked our DUB panel. Read more

Careless with corona rules: ‘My mental health is more important’
The number of corona infections is rising. Although some students are strictly following the rules, others feel it’s very difficult to think about the one and a half metre rule in the supermarket, at the bus stop, at the university, and especially among friends. Read more

Utrecht student organisations start campaign to curb corona danger
Utrecht-based students need to become more alert to the risk of corona infections. Administrators of student organisations and their umbrella organisations want to start a campaign to make students aware of this. Read more

UUers encourage board to formulate Strategic Plan goals more explicitly
Around forty UUers attended the virtual – and only – public participation session about the concept of the Strategic Plan on Tuesday. In the meeting, both students and employees were allowed to respond to the plans the university had published. Read more

How do we feel about China? Find out soon
Is it dangerous or does it hold opportunities? The government is still contemplating a unified point of view on cooperating with China in the field of research and education. Read more

Oscar Wildebeest
First classes
Student life
Student podcast Dom Doen: breaking taboos at the kitchen table
From women who watch porn, to racism, and from fatshaming to being seriously ill when you’re young: tough topics that three Utrecht friends don’t shy away from. They started Dom Doen in times of corona, and hadn’t expected it to take off the way it did. Read more

Is one of these student homes a good fit for you?
There are countless student homes in Utrecht. How do you find out which type of house suits you best? Four residents of Utrecht student homes share their experiences, and tell you all about what makes their house special. Read more

What kind of Teams classmate are you?
Campus columnist Keerthi just started her masters and like most students a lot of her classes are online. She distinguishes five kinds of classmates. ‘The Rory’, ‘the God’s gift to teachers’, ‘the certified train wreck’, ‘The tech-averse’ and ‘The mirror’. What kind do you belong to? Read more

Who are the new students in the University Council?
Covertly listening to Rammstein songs or watching Ex on the Beach: DUB has learnt quite a lot about the new student members of the University Council. What else do the twelve students get excited about, aside from policy issues? What issues do they want to put on the agenda this year? Read more

University news
Is working from home the future for Utrecht University?
Just about the entire UU has been working from home since March. Four managers in support services tell us how they dealt with the crisis and give their perspective on a future in which working from home seems to be becoming the norm. Read more

How should we recognise and reward scientists?
Scientists teach, lead their department and share their insights with the general public. They are going to receive more recognition for this kind of work. But is it at the expense of their research? Read more

Corona leaves its mark on UU’s plans for the future
In the concept of Utrecht University’s Strategic Plan, there’s a lot of attention for collaborating and meeting. That makes for a tricky task in times of corona. Education has to look beyond the boundaries of its own discipline – for instance by establishing a core curriculum for all programmes. Read more

How should we recognise and reward scientists?
Scientists teach, lead their department and share their insights with the general public. They are going to receive more recognition for this kind of work. But is it at the expense of their research? Read more


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Education in empty theatres, cinemas, and office buildings? Not a lot is happening
Lectures in a concert hall or a stadium: it is already happening in some places, but why not everywhere? The lessors themselves are eager - and seem very willing to negotiate. But it remains (too) expensive for institutions. Read more

Thousands of students are demanding discounted tuition fees
Dutch universities estimate that between 20 and 40 percent of their classes are currently taught on campus. In response, students have started petitions demanding discounted tuition fees. Read more

Mandatory Lectures? Really?
Our new blogger Hugo Bezombes couldn't believe his eyes when he read the requirements of one of his first courses in Utrecht. Suddenly he was back in high school. Read more

Why are the lecture halls still vacant so often?
This summer, all the lecture halls were adjusted to become corona-proof. DUB took its video camera to check it out. Remarkably, the lecture halls in the buildings are only sparingly used. And the same trend is visible elsewhere at the university. Read more

Don't miss this
‘More and more students paying way too much rent’
National student union LSVb has issued a warning about the extremely high rents students currently pay for their rooms. Especially in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, access to accommodation requires deep pockets. The cheapest rooms are found in Enschede. Read more

Increased number of corona infections in student cities
Now that the number of corona infections is increasing, many fingers are pointing at students. For them, too, there is only one thing to do, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), and the Dutch Public Health Service (GGD) warn: keep your distance. Read more

Chew on this: Ig Nobel Prize awarded for research into severe noise irritation
n’t stand hearing other people chew food? Maybe you’ve got misophonia. For their research into this condition, a team of Dutch and Flemish researchers were awarded the Ig Nobel Prize for Medicine yesterday. Read more


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