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UU students yearn for a new study rhythm. They are not only looking for a new way of studying, but also for 'the new normal' in their daily life. You can find articles about this in this newsletter. For a complete overview of our news and articles,
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UU students yearn for new study rhythm
Students who have to take online classes because of the coronavirus, need a clear structure and repeating activities. Teachers can help them find a new daily routine. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the Freudenthal Institute, based on a large-scale study among students of the UU Faculty of Sciences. Read more

Big differences between faculties: both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ cut in Master’s admission processes
Students will be allowed to enrol in a Master’s programme even if they don’t have a Bachelor’s degree yet, promised the minister of Education before the summer to all the students whose study progress had been affected by the coronavirus. At UU, not all faculties are following the minister’s call. Read more

Do teachers in Utrecht use their lectures too often to spread their own ideology?
The neutrality and objectivity of education at Utrecht University is under pressure. That is what Martin Stolk, second year History student, says. According to that, Joep Lindeman, associate professor of Criminal Law, says neutrality is not substantiated, and grossly exaggerated.

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First classes
Student life
Finding a room in Utrecht: How do students market themselves?
For his studies Jasper Akkermans came from Berlin to Utrecht. When a room became available in his student residence, he had to help choose a new roommate. He analyzed the 107 responses they received. Read more

Students say not much will change if sexual consent becomes law
“A no is a no. Not a no doesn’t automatically mean yes.” That’s the principle behind the law minister Grapperhaus aims to pass. Students are welcoming the law: “I always focused on mutual consent.” Read more

Switching supervisors proves tough for many PhD students
Many PhD students who feel trapped in an unpleasant working relationship with their supervisor are hesitant to switch supervisors. They are afraid that it could harm their career, according to a survey by the PhD Network Netherlands (PNN). Read more


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Education quality
Philosophy teacher writes a book from his answers to anonymous questions
The item ‘Ask me anything’ has become notorious: at the end of each lecture, students can ask philosopher of science and sustainability Floris van den Berg questions anonymously. "I offend nobody when I say something ugly to anonymous students." Read more

'To all graduate students: academia is broken and you need to fix it'
In an open letter the young editors of The Journal of Trial and Error welcome new graduate students in Utrecht. However, future academics should be aware that competition and collaboration vie for first place in their new world. What can you do when joining a flawed community? More than you think! Read more

Open Science Community wants to make painful changes as easy as possible
After three years of lectures, workshops, podcasts, and meetings, the time has come to truly make science ‘more open and transparent’, say UU researchers Anita Eerland and Loek Brinkman from Open Science Community Utrecht. Read more

Suggestion of using mystery guests in higher education is met with resistance
Coalition party VVD has suggested the use of mystery guests to assess the quality of higher education. I really don’t think so, said Minister Van Engelshoven in response. Read more

Call to professors: ‘Change the way you assess your researchers’
UU professors should work with their research group to create a vision of which ‘open science’ is the main principle. Changing the evaluation procedures is essential in this. This is the message of an opinion piece published on the UU website, of which rector Henk Kummeling is one of the authors. Read more


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Utrecht fifth Dutch university in ranking Times Higher Education
The Netherlands still has eleven universities in the top 200 of the Times Higher Education world university rankings but once again the majority have slipped a few places. Wageningen, the Dutch number one, has dropped from 59 to 62. Read more

Growth Fund: is science about to get the money it’s been asking for?
Over the next few years, the government will spend €20 billion on education & research, innovation and infrastructure. Is this the major investment that teaching staff and academics have been crying out for? Read more

Once again many European starting grants for Utrecht University
The Netherlands has received 42 European research grants for young scientists this year. Only Germany and the United Kingdom were able to obtain more. Utrecht University got six grants (including one for UMC Utrecht). Read more


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