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March 2019
Interview with Richard Horenberg, winner of the first Diversity & Inclusion Award
"Students don't need to tell us about their disability, we only want to know what kind of supprt they need. Some students want help with planning their studies, others prefer to chat over a cup of coffee."
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The Onderwijsparade was a success! Read all about the speakers, workshops and inclusive education.
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The exhibition MOED: What is left unseen is currently on display at the Centraal Museum Utrecht.
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Councillor Maarten van Ooijen visits Utrecht University
On March 6th councillor Maarten van Ooijen visited Utrecht University to talk about accessibility. Besides the councillor and two municipality officials several members of Platform Onbeperkt Studeren, the Diversity Task Force and Real Estate & Campus were present.

During the meeting topics that are already going well were discussed, alongside matters that require (more) attention. All in all it was a fruitful meeting which will be continued.
On March 27th 140 Utrecht University professors get on their bikes to visit middle school students during Meet the Professor.
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From March 18th until March 28th the exhibition of the USO project "Making Journeys: building blocks for diversity" will be on view, accompanied by several workshops.
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ROSANNA Fund for Women grants awarded on International Women's Day
During a festive event on International Women's Day Rosi Braidotti and Anneke Smelik awarded these year's winners of the ROSANNA Fund (pictured left to right): Dalal Chanim (UAF), Annemiek Prins, Huda el Baker (InclUUsion) and Christina Verbruggen (not pictured).

The ROSANNA Fund for Women offers talented women at Utrecht University short-term scholarships between €2.500 and €5.000. Picture by Wieke Eefting.
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DUB investigated why the number of female PhDs is going down at Utrecht University.
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The annual women professors monitor from The Dutch Network of Women Professors is published.
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The Young Women of Geoscience Network aims to create an equal and inclusive working environment for women in the faculty of Geosciences.
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New project secretary Diversity Project
I’m Yasmina El Haddad, freshly appointed as the secretary for the Diversity Project: Inflow & Selection. I studied French as well as Arabic language and culture at Utrecht University and defended my PhD-thesis on Moroccan Literature in Spanish at the University of Amsterdam in 2013.

Diversity and inclusion have always played an important role in my life. As the daughter of migrants, I’ve always felt and thus kept a strong personal connection with societal issues, in particular in mentoring disadvantaged inner city youth

Yasmina succeeds dr. Wieke Eefting, who played a pivotal role in the realization of this project.
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Diversity Stimulation Fund welcomes applications
The UU Diversity Task Force allocates € 50.000 on a yearly basis to support projects and activities that improve diversity and inclusion among students and employees. The Stimulation Fund has already supported a number of exciting initiatives. Do you have an idea for a project or activity that could use financial support? Take a look at the website for more information regarding the criteria and procedure and submit your application through
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