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DUB theme magazine on diversity 

On 6 March, DUB will host a theme magazine on diversity at Utrecht University. The first copy will be presented during the Education Fair on 6 March and after that, DUB will distribute the magazine within the university.
In the magazine, background stories, interviews, portraits, columns and cases show how diverse UU is. There are of course challenges and obstacles: these are covered in the magazine as well.
This edition is made possible by the Diversity Task Force. The magazine itself is in Dutch, an English-language version will be published on the DUB website. The DUB website will also host more thorough information on diversity within UU.
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Symposium Women's network

On the occasion of the International Women's Day there is a symposium on 8 March 2018 organized by the Women's network in coproduction with IOS hubs Gender and Diversity: Building an Inclusive Society and Future of Work and the Rosannafonds. The symposium is about gender diversity and emancipation.

From 10.30 unitil 17.00 o'clock there will be a very divers programme with lectures by em. prof.dr. Anneke van Doorne-Huiskes, drs. Lidwien Poorthuis and prof. dr. Anneke Smelik. Prof. dr. Joop Schippers will join them for a panel discussion. In the afternoon there will be a lecture by prof. Anneke Smelik and the distribution of the Rosanna scholarship fund 2018 followed by drinks.
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Studium Generale Movies

Studium Generale will organize a serie of 'Movies and Science' in collaboration with the Diversity Taskforce. Three documentaries about the challenges of inclusion will be shown for free in filmtheatre ´t Hoogt, Utrecht.

The next movies are:
MONDAY 12 MARCH 2018 - 19:00
Movies & Science: 'Patience, you'll go to paradise'
In 'Patience, Patience' seven Muslim women go out to explore the world. Social scientist Dr Fenella Fleischmann on the challenges of emancipation.
MONDAY 23 APRIL 2018 - 19:00
Movies & Science: 'Genderbende'
Genderbende celebrates the individual. Gender studies scholar Dr Christine Quinan on the acceptance of non-traditional gender identities.

Last week on Monday 12 February 2018 was the first film of the serie 'Movies & Science': 'Deaf Child'. It was a very impressive movie. Tobias, the main character in Deaf Child, does not see his deafness as a handicap. Anthopologist Dr. Anja Hiddinga talked about the challenges of inclusion.
Network meeting for students with disabilities
On Thursday 15 March there will be a Network meeting in the Bestuursgebouw, Heidelberglaan 8, Utrecht, for students with disabilities. Disabled students have an additional challenge. Attending college, to give presentations or to do exams. These activities are not always naturally for those students. Take a look on the  website unlimited study or mail the students platform unlimited study.
2017 - Start of a visibly pink UU
In the autumn of 2017, both the gay student movement Anteros and Johan Rozenbrand, an Assistant Professor at Pharmacy, wanted to do something with the 'coming-out day 2017'. This was picked up by the Task Force Diversity, which united staff and students. Thanks to a good collaboration from The Task Force we were able to organise a UU/HU coming-out day on 11 October.

For spring and the summer of 2018, we try to organise a number of activities such as a movie night, a lecture, a pink walk through the inner city and maybe participation in the Canal Pride Utrecht.

People who want to help out can contact Johan Rozenbrand.
Encouragement Fund Diversity UU
For the upcoming 3 years, the Diversity Task Force allocates an annual sum of € 50,000 to projects/activities that contribute to the improvement of diversity among students and employees of UU. The activities link up with the UU strategic plan. A maximum sum of € 5000 per application will be available. For the applications, a form will be made available and a commission of three Task Force members will assess the applications. More information on the encouragement fund will be made public on the diversity website in March 2018.
Collaboration university and municipality for working programme refugees
Last Wednesday 24 January was an important moment for InclUUsion: Alderman Kees Diepeveen and Utrecht University (UU) President Anton Pijpers signed an agreement for a working programme that will improve the participation and integration of refugees in Utrecht. The municipality joins the programme InclUUsion of UU.
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