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Launch new diversity website
The new diversity website is online now. Be sure to bookmark it to stay updated on the work of the Diversity Task Force and the University’s efforts concerning diversity, inclusion and social engagement.
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Coming Out Day 2017
On October 11th, International Coming Out Day, the UU and HU together with LGBTQ+ student association Anteros, organised a day of festivities. The day started with the hoisting of the rainbow flag by president of UU Anton Pijpers and Jan Bogerd, president of HU. In the afternoon a mini-conference was being held on sexual diversity in higher education and the city of Utrecht. The day was ended with the film screening of The Way He Looks.
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ICUU: Promote intercultural skills of students, teachers and staff

As of 1 September, a new USO project was launched focusing on the promotion of intercultural skills of students, teachers and staff: Intercultural Competencies for Utrecht University (ICUU). The ICUU project focuses on:

• improving cooperation between experts;
• Increasing the visibility of existing courses and training offerings in the area of intercultural communication.
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First meeting of Female Professors Utrecht University initiative (FPUU) 

In the context of the Westerdijk Year, Utrecht University invited all of its female professors to participate in the first meeting of the Female Professors Utrecht University network (FPUU) on September 4th. Three professors took the initiative for the organization: Naomi Ellemers, Aletta Kraneveld, and Annetje Ottow. The meeting was supported by the Executive Board and the Task Force Diversity.

In addition to a challenging programme with the theme 'Visibility and support matters', participants were offered a special seat in the cortège of the subsequent opening of the acacemic year (see picture).
Nominations and Awards

Meet the new Diversity Task Force members
John de Wit: "Presenting as a middle aged white man, my diversity often goes unnoticed. My sense of difference is however real, as is the sentiment of holding back in some situations. For people to thrive it is critical that they can express who they are and I am passionate about promoting the rights of gender diverse and sexual minority people. Embracing diversity at Utrecht University will allow all students, academics and staff to thrive and strengthen us as a community."
Daphina Misiedjan: "I am a PhD candidate at REBO who specializes in issues concerning human rights and the environment. From November onwards, I will be an assistant-professor at the same faculty. As part of the Diversity Task Force I focus on policies to attract more staff of diverse backgrounds and measures which will assist in guaranteeing an engaging and safe space for all students in the classroom."
Maryam Lyousoufi: "My mother is Dutch and my father is Moroccan. I know how it feels to have two nationalities and that this involves a lot of beautiful things. Unfortunately it also involves a lot of confronting situations.  Diversity is something beautiful, learning from one another and respecting each other in different choices and principles. I would therefore like to make an effort to stimulate diversity within the academic world and thus make the power of diversity visible."
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