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Diversity Task Force Kick Off 15 May
How can we ensure that the university is a place where creative and innovative ideas can flourish? By engaging with perspectives and views that are different from our own. To ensure that Utrecht University is a place where academic debate is enriched through a variety of backgrounds, diversity - of gender, ethnicity, class, religion and sexuality, among others - is a key theme of the Strategic Plan. In order to achieve these aims, the Diversity Task Force was launched on Monday 15 May.
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Not limited by your background

Stephanie Lee, head of increasing participation and outreach at the University of Manchester discussed how to achieve diversity in practice during the kick-off event. Her account of how she increased participation among young people from 'disadvantaged backgrounds' struck a chord with many people, as shown by the brainstorm sessions. Many thought that the Manchester Access Programme in particular is something that Utrecht University could adopt. In this programme, young people with academic potential, but lower exam grades (ABB as opposed to AAA), receive coaching to help them make the most of opportunities at university nevertheless. Well before the start of the academic year, they embark on courses in academic skills, for example, and write a paper under supervision. If they are thereby able to gain enough points, participation in the programme is seen as compensation for their lower examination grades
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Conference "InclUUsion uncovered. Experiences of displaced students"

Are you curious to know more about the challenges, dreams and stories of students from countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Burundi? Did you know that during the current academic year more than 100 students with a refugee background have attended regular courses at Utrecht University? The students from the InclUUsion project have organized a conference in which they would like to present themselves and tell their story. They will reflect upon issues such as stigma associated with refugees, integration and participation. Using self-made movies, Q&A sessions and presentations they will show that every story is unique and that there is more to what the media presents to us. The conference "InclUUsion uncovered. Experiences of displaced students" takes place 30 June, 13.00-18.00, in the Ruppert building.
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Why do some people beat up homosexuals? An Interview with Social Sciences professor John de Wit.
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'They expected it to be hard to feel connected in Utrecht.' An interview with Saya Abdullah, student member of the Task Force.
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InclUUsion connects studying refugees with students and teachers.
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